[Photograph: Carrie Vasios]

Growing up, I'd see these Greek almond shortbread cookies exactly twice a year. First, at Christmastime when my mother would make them and store them in a cookie jar that was shaped like Santa's boot. (Mmm feet cookies.) The second was during Greek Easter, when they'd be the only redeeming quality about having to celebrate Easter twice—which let me point out is not as fun as celebrating say, Christmas, twice, especially when you always, always lose the egg-cracking game to your seemingly more talented sister and cousins.*

Suffice to say, twice a year was not enough to satisfy my desire for these crumbly, buttery cookies. Shaped in a ball (my mother's preferred shape) or a crescent (my aunt's), they contain a ton of butter, some ground almonds, and a final ruin-your-party-dress coating of confectioner's sugar.

The real magic of kourabiedes is how they immediately melt in your mouth, dissolving into only the memory of a delicious almond cookie and a dusting of powdered sugar on your lips.

Note: Because they're so crumbly, these cookies do not travel well. Luckily, it only takes about 3 seconds to get from the plate to my face.

*I won for the first time ever this year. Count it.


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