[Photograph: Carrie Vasios]

A disproportionate amount of my life is spent eating jam, thinking about jam, sourcing new flavors and brands of jam, and thinking about how to incorporate jam into new foods.

Of course Linzer cookies are high on my list of "Cookies with Jam," if not the list-topper. But when I make Linzer cookies I take my time; there are pretty cookie cutters and ground hazelnuts and flurries of powdered sugar—but, I wanted to make a cookie that was a little more carefree. I wanted the type of thing you could throw in a box and bring to a picnic.

So, inspired by a recent orange-apricot jam purchase, I whipped up these swirl cookies. But instead of using that precious jam (made by Sarabeth's, it's not cheap and will definitely be eaten with a spoon) I bought a new jar of apricot jam. Then I added the zest and juice of a fresh orange, which gives the dough a light orange taste and the filling, a pop of citrus. The dough is soft, sweet, and buttery, delicious on its own but perfect hugging a swirl of tart apricot.


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