[Photograph: Carey Jones]

It's always fun to watch food trends cross national lines. On my last visit to London two years ago, cupcake shops were opening everywhere; this year, it's the frozen yogurt shops I seem to see on every corner. By far the most attention-grabbing is SNOG.

The name is clearly chosen for the number of vaguely suggestive puns it allows—the sizes include a "massive snog" or a "little snog"—but the yogurt, in fact, is quite good. I've always preferred Red Mango to Pinkberry; SNOG is much closer to Red Mango, creamy rather than icy, a nice balance of tart and sweet. Their toppings range from fresh fruit (including passionfruit, which stirs beautifully into a pile of frozen yogurt) to the "naughty snogs" (fudgy-looking brownies and soft cookies); and while I've never found the flavored yogurts at either Red Mango or Pinkberry worth eating, the "spiced cider" at SNOG was surprisingly tasty, all apple and spice, autumnal but translating well to a creamy dessert. The verdict? Totally recommendable. It's easy to fancy a snog.


Various locations in London (and Dubai)


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