We are introducing a new weekly column into the mix, and it's just on cookies. About time, right? Say hello to Cookie Monster, where we'll pull out the baking sheets each week to explore everything from the classic chocolate chip to sandwich cookies to nut-filled varieties. —The Mgmt.


[Photographs: Carrie Vasios]

As a coffee lover, I'm often disappointed by mocha desserts. You've seen it before: too much chocolate, not enough coffee, endless frustration. So I took the mocha flavor into my own hands, making these sandwiched, buzz-worthy beauties.

The cookies are great on their own, soft and chewy with a rich chocolate flavor. The trick? They don't rely on powdered cocoa—it's melted, good quality dark chocolate all the way. Of course they're even better when spread with an ample layer of mocha buttercream. The filling looks pale and pretty, but believe me, instant espresso makes it mighty strong on java flavor.

So yes, these sandwiches are a bit of propaganda in my quest to make cookies acceptable at breakfast, but they're also a revelation. Finally: a mocha cookie that actually tastes like chocolate and coffee!


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