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Now, I love me some old-school Oreos, and subscribe to the "if it ain't broke" school of philosophy, but was curious about two unfamiliar varieties of Oreos. Peanut Butter Creme and Double Stuf Heads or Tails. ZOMG OREOS! Ehrm, sorry. It's my professional responsibility to stay abreast in the chocolate industry and report back. Also, ZOMG OREOS!

First Impressions


Peanut Butter Creme: Peanut butter and chocolate is one of the holiest combinations in the edible world. At its best, sublime, simple, and warm-and-fuzzy-inducing. At its worst, meh. These looked like what you'd expect: regular Oreos with a peanut buttery filling.


Double Stuf Heads or Tails: These were a different matter entirely. Not only do they have the extra filling (yay!) but one cookie half is chocolate, and the other is vanilla. Whoa.



Peanut Butter Creme: Disappointing. Extremely meh. It's not overly peanutty (it could even be more so) but when you bite into the whole cookie, it overwhelms the chocolate flavor of the cookie itself. All you really taste is the filling.

It's actually worse when you open the cookie: the filling tastes very artificial and has a weird, gritty texture. The crunchy bites don't taste like actual peanuts, more like little peanut-flavored, uh, granules. They also had a Double Stuf-sized amount of filling, which was, in this case, dismaying and oddly off-putting.

I ate exactly one and a half Peanut Butter Creme Oreos. (That's not very many for me.)


Double yum!

Double Stuf Heads or Tails: Much better. Well, it really depends how you eat your Oreos. I'm a twist-open kinda gal, so these worked for me. You can eat the chocolate cookie first then the filling, then eat the vanilla cookie. Or start with the vanilla cookie. Or start with the vanilla cookie and eat the other half WITH the filling. Endless possibilities. Well, at least three right there.

Also: Original filling > Peanut butter filling.


The Heads or Tails Oreos, dubiously cutesy name notwithstanding, are delightful. I'd buy them again when I'm jonesing for sandwich cookies. Peanut Butter, on the other hand, nope. Not a fan. I'll just make some whoopie pies instead.


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