"Thank you Ben, Jerry, and Humphrey."


[Photographs: Robyn Lee]

Last week we told you about Ben & Jerry's new flavor, Late Night Snack. It's a vanilla ice cream base with caramel swirls and chocolate-covered potato chip clusters. We got our paws on a few pints (OK, five) and have some thoughts.

So, yes, it might be a "creative borrowing" of the San Francisco ice creamerie Humphrey Slocombe's flavor, "After School Special," which is Tahitian vanilla ice cream with chocolate-covered Ridge potato chips and caramel mixed in. But overall, caramel plus potato chips (read: salt!) plus chocolate is a good thing, no matter who thought of it first. Shoot, didn't we invent this when we were seven?

Even though we read "clusters," we were still expecting actual chips (flat, crispy) but they're more like potato pebbles coated in chocolate. There are crunchy ones and soggier ones; obviously you want to spoon for the crunchies (those are the jackpot bites). The ice cream has all that salty-sweet glory happening, like a salted caramel dessert multiplied by a bag of Lay's.


Thank you Ben, Jerry, and Humphrey. You are all validating this chocolate-covered potato chip trend (er, trendlet). Will it reach levels of chocolate-covered pretzel fame? We can only hope.

So the next time you're diving into a pint of ice cream, consider pulling out a greasy bag of 'tato chips and dunking, tortilla chips and salsa style.

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