Quiz: What's Your Ice Cream IQ?


[Photograph: Robyn Lee]

Ice cream shouldn't make you think too hard. The procedure goes something like: eat with a spoon, then enjoy. But we wanted to test your ice cream intelligence to see how much you really know about that scoop (or three or four) in your bowl. Take the quiz! »

What's Your Ice Cream IQ?

Question 1 of 10: What is the method used to make ice cream in which a large bowl is placed in a tub filled with ice and salt?

Question 2 of 10: Dissolved sugars in the ice cream mixture do what?

Question 3 of 10: Ben and Jerry's started in which state?

Question 4 of 10: How much percent milk fat is required by American federal labeling standards to be in ice cream?

Question 5 of 10: Which key ingredient, when more than 1.4% is added to the mixture, makes ice cream technically custard?

Question 6 of 10: What brand won our vanilla ice cream taste-test last year?

Question 7 of 10: What is the importance of air in ice cream?

Question 8 of 10: What is National Ice Cream Month?

Question 9 of 10: When an ice cream has a high “overrun,” what does that mean?

Question 10 of 10: What classifies "Philadelphia" style ice cream?

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