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Milkshake Recipes

For Saints fans: Vanilla Bean Bourbon Milkshake »

For Colts fans: Mocha-Caramel Kahlúa Milkshake »

When thinking about Super Bowl-appropriate desserts the first thing that sprang to mind were those grotesquely iced football cakes" that seem to show up in the supermarket this time of year. While there's a part of my that's always tempted to buy the most obscenely decorated cake in the market (and waste hours browsing Cake Wrecks), the football cake didn't seem like an inspired dessert choice for Sunday.

I was racking my brain to come up with a dessert manly enough for a big football game, and would pair well with beer, nachos and chicken wings—and then it came to me. I remembered trying a great beer and ice cream float a few weeks ago at Northern Spy Food Co. that paired gelato with an oatmeal stout. The spiked milkshake was the perfect Super Bowl dessert—you can celebrate with it if your team wins or drown your sorrows if the outcome isn't to your liking.

I am certainly not the first person to come to this revelation, Bobby Flay has several recipes for Adult Milkshakes in his burger bible, Bobby Flay's Burgers, Fries, and Shakes. Most of the shake recipes include an adults only version that adds a shot or two of flavor appropriate booze to the mix.

For Saints fans a Vanilla Bean Milkshake is spiked with bourbon for a rich approximation of the New Orleans classic Bourbon Milk Punch. Colts supporters can get down with a Kahlúa enhanced Mocha-Caramel Milkshake with the familiar flavors of caramel and chocolate from Abbott's Also Candy Shop.


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