Serious Chocolate: Somebody's Mother's Chocolate Sauce


The chocolate sauce is like a creamier cake batter. [Photograph: Somebody's Mother]

I thought I had some semblance of willpower. And I did—until I tasted Somebody's Mother's Chocolate Sauce. By the weekend, three days after I opened the container, all of the chocolate sauce was gone.

The best chocolate sauce I've ever tasted.

I'd like to tell you this is because I shared it with other people—but such was not the case. Somebody's Mother's Chocolate Sauce is the best chocolate sauce I've ever tasted. It was like chocolate fudge cookie dough without the raw-eggs-guilt-complex. I didn't even heed the directions to scoop it on something else; I ate it directly by the spoonful.

Somebody's Mother's chocolate sauce is made by somebody's mother: Lynn Lasher, who started making chocolate sauce in her kitchen with her kids. The kids are out of the house now, but luckily for us, the chocolate sauce remains.

Lynn's ingredients—cocoa, butter, cream—are all-natural and there are no preservatives. You can tell yourself this as you eat it in three days. (So it doesn't spoil, of course.)

Somebody's Mother's chocolate sauce can be ordered through the website or purchased in select specialty grocers. If you submit a quote about somebody's mother (or perhaps your own) you can win an entire case of chocolate sauce. After tasting this sauce, you may want to submit twelve.

About the author: Melody Kramer is a chocoholic living in Philadelphia. She writes for a variety of publications in order to fuel her sweet tooth.

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