Based on Turkey Hill Ice Cream, the Phillies Should Win

"Not exactly sure what this says about tomorrow's game. Just that graham cracker ice cream rules? And there should be more of it?"


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We got our paws on Turkey Hill's special Yankees and Phillies ice cream flavors that we mentioned yesterday. All four are actually available year-round at most of the major grocery store chains in the tri-state area, so if you don't see them, try poking the frozen foods manager to hook you up. No matter how well the teams do all season, they should be available.

Turkey Hill is proud to be the official and exclusive ice cream for both teams (just like Hood, which makes "Fenway Fudge," is for the Red Sox). Turkey Hill's dairy is in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, so it makes sense that their customers would either be rooting for the Yankees or Phillies.

But is the ice creamery really nonpartisan? Not if you try them all—because one is clearly the best.

Phillies Flavors


20091103-icecream-grahamslam-spoon.jpgThe winner? The Phillies Graham Slam. Obviously Turkey Hill was pretty excited to capitalize on the "graham" punning potential. But of the four, it's by far the tastiest and the only one made with premium ice cream (none of that light nonsense).

You don't really see graham cracker ice cream at the average market—it usually involves a trip to a mom-and-pop ice creamerie or a country store at some delightful little apple-picking farm. But there really should be more of it.

It actually tastes like graham crackers in creamy form, flavored (er, "phlavored" according to Turkey Hill) with that biscuity sweetness you associate with s'mores and pie crusts. Plus they throw in some chocolate-covered marshmallow cups and "graham cracker ripples" for added texture.


The second flavor, Phillie Phanatic Double Play, is the sweetest of them all—some would say too sweet. It comes in a pint-sized tub (all the rest are 1.5 quarts) with nice artwork of the green fuzzy mascot. The Bavarian cream-flavored ice cream swirls in caramel and caramel corn, something you don't see everyday in ice cream.

Yankees Flavors


Of the two Yankees flavors, stick with the Bronx Bomber Sundae. It's like a frozen chocolate malt multiplied by more chocolate (crunchy cookie bits). Not as good as the Graham Slam, but not bad for a light ice cream.

Something that is bad: the Pinstripe Brownie Blast. Do not eat this. Super fake-tasting with undertones of dimsum (OK, maybe not exactly but it's just really off-tasting) this does not make me want to root for the Yankees.

Even the big Yankees fans at SEHQ were going back for more scoops of the Phillies Graham Slam. Not exactly sure what this says about tomorrow's game. Maybe just that graham cracker ice cream rules? And there should be more of it?

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