It's tougher than it looks. Open, flip over, push down on bottom, and finally, enjoy.

Usually ice cream doesn't make people think this hard, but I actually had to watch a how-to video to understand the proper eating process of the new Ben & Jerry's Flipped Out sundae in a cup. You can easily pull back the wrapper and start spooning up layers of cookie dough, vanilla ice cream, and chocolate syrup (and save the next few seconds of your life) or you can go after the truth.

The truth: Push down on the perforated circle underneath the cup. Following the Push-Up philosophy, you have to apply some pressure to release the good stuff. Out comes a hockey puck of a sundae with the syrup (initially at the "bottom") ready to ooze off the sides. Yup, that's it! Now eat it!


To reinforce this notion of upside-down, Ben & Jerry's is cruising around the country all summer in a truck that looks like it could be flipped over and still run just fine. They will be handing out free Flipped Outs, and thankfully, you know how to eat it now (and more importantly, can show off to friends). Check the truck's whereabouts on Facebook.

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